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RFSL Malmö’s Board

Election of the Board takes place at the annual meeting which is held every year before the end of March.
The Board consists of the current situation of a President elected for two years. The other members shall be at least four in number and are elected for two and one year respectively. The number of deputies to be elected at least two and in one or two years.

The objective is, on the basis of RFSL’s feminist and anti-racist values, equitable Board with broad experience base.

Board meetings

The board meets the current once a month, but the board work in progress continuously. Society for all members to attend, make proposals and speak at board meetings. You are very welcome to sit in on our meetings and do not report it before.

board minutes

Minutes are taken at each meeting and are available for each member who wishes to receive it. All minutes are in the office, Stora Nygatan 18th

Would you like to get in touch with the board, you can either email respective board member or reach the hole board through


Board work