Newcomers Malmö

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Hi everyone,
are you new in Sweden? Or, interested in volunteering with LGBTI asylum seekers and other newcomers in some way? Perhaps by helping someone navigate their asylum process, translating something, arranging game nights – or any number of other things?

We recently started a group called Newcomer RFSL Malmö, for LGBTI “newcomers” in Skåne.

That means anyone who isn’t from Sweden, and who wants to meet with queer folks at a supportive place that isn’t about hooking up, but might feel there are language or other barriers to going to regular RFSL Malmö activities.

The group has two main purposes:
1. To help LGBTI asylum seekers defend their rights and needs in this country, and
2. To be a safe, supportive and fun meeting place every other week. Together we’ll plan and arrange the activities members need and want: from help with Swedish or a seminar on human rights for LGBTI people, to a trip to the beach. Your ideas are welcome!

Our group takes particular care to protect the privacy of our members. One of the leaders will meet with you briefly before your first meeting for information, and what is shared in the group is confidential. But we also plan to be a bridge to the wider Swedish LGBTI community, for those who want.

If you’re interested, send us an e-mail!