RFSL Newcomers Malmö


Are you an LGBTQI+ individual who just moved to Malmö/Skåne? Or, are you an LGBTQI+ asylum seeker/refugee who is in a need of support in the asylum process, or to integrate and navigate your new life in Sweden?

In that case, welcome to RFSL Newcomers Malmö!

RFSL Newcomers Malmö is a project under RFSL Malmö providing support, guidance and safe spaces for LGBTQI+ individuals, asylum seekers, and refugees who have arrived in Malmö / Skåne.

This project has several main goals:

  1. To provide legal, social, cultural and wellbeing support
  2. To provide support and guidance in integration into Swedish society
  3. To strengthen and develop LGBTQI+ individuals, asylum seekers and refugees competencies and capability to enter the Swedish labour market
  4. To provide a network, safe space and community for LGBTQI+ individuals, asylum seekers and refugees in Malmö/Skåne
  5. To bridge LGBTQI+ Newcomers community with broader Swedish LGBTQI+ community
  6. To increase public awareness and advocate for LGBTQI+ human rights for individuals, asylum seekers and refugees globally.

RFSL Newcomers Malmö focuses on protecting the integrity of members. Anything shred in this group is considered confidential. If you are interested in participating in this group, or if you are interested in a volunteer role feel free to reach us at newcomers@malmo.rfsl.se

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Our activities

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Our Newcomers team

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We are currently looking for an additional volunteer who is interested to develop our Newcomers Ukraine Program. If you are interested in taking this role, please reach us at newcomers@malmo.rfsl.se

Are you interested in collaboration with RFSL Newcomers Malmö?

If you are interested in a wider and long term scope of collaboration, you are welcome to contact our Project Manager at barbora@malmo.rfsl.se or the Social Support Officer at robin@malmo.rfsl.se or at newcomers@malmo.rfsl.se


Read our opinion pieces on queer migration and LGBTQI+ rights in Sweden and globally.

General inquiries

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us at newcomers@malmo.rfsl.se or barbora@malmo.rfsl.se

City of Malmö’s award for human rights nominations are open!
We invite you to contribute to the sustainability and existence of RFSL Newcomers Malmö by nominating us!

Despite recent financial cuts and working under the COVID-19 situation, we have continued to provide the ongoing necessary support for LGBTQI+ asylum seekers, refugees, and undocumented migrants by proving safe space, social, psychological, legal, and integrational support, in the past 12 months for up to 250 people from Skåne. We have conducted more than 120 activities, including trainings, lectures, workshops, counseling, public advocacy with more than 1100 participants.
We ask for your support to nominate us until 4th of October by filling the short form: https://malmo.se/…/Pris-for-manskliga-rattigheter.html…

*Under name and contact information of the nominees please insert: RFSL Newcomers Malmö. Contact Person: Robin Laurence / newcomers@malmo.rfsl.se / 0735737965

Don’t forget to become a member of RFSL!

Read more on the following page: https://malmo.rfsl.se/en/become-a-member/

Despite all of us working on the Newcomers project voluntarily, we are in need of your help!

With the rise of populist and anti-immigrant political tendencies across Europe, the current political climate in Sweden has been gradually leading to the attitudes of ignorance, or even worse, the adversity towards the needs of refugees and asylum seekers.

To be able to run the Newcomers project we need to raise 60 000kr. We would like you to become our friend and a distant (or not so distant) member of our diverse community in Malmö. If you wish, you can support us with a donation via Swish number 1235355292 or by scanning the QR code from below.

THANK YOU all so much for any support!

*If you are interested in legal support you are welcome to book an appointment in advance  at newcomers@malmo.rfsl.se