Welcome to spAce!

It’s a special space for everyone on the aromantic (aro) and asexual (ace) spectrum (aspec) as well as the questioning people. It’s a place to meet other aspecs, get together, and feel less alone. Do you want to just BE without everyone questioning your identity? Or maybe you feel completely lost and look for someone you can relate to? Then spAce is the place for you.

Social aspect

The aromantic and the asexual people have one of the highest risks of social isolation and suicide ideation among the queer people. Research repeatedly shows that they are the least likely to be satisfied with their life so far, least likely to ask for help and least likely to be out to the close ones.  

spAce tries to counteract it by providing a little aspec corner in a world that carters to the alloromantics and allosexuals. It’s a space to breathe away from amatonormativity. It’s a place where you don’t have to constantly explain, justify and defend who you are. It’s also a safe space to question your attraction. And of course, it’s a space to meet other aspecs and know that you’re not alone.

Social activities

  • Biweekly meetings at RFSL Malmö venue
  • Zoom meetings.
  • Discord chat for the members.
  • Facebook group for the members.
  • Follow our Instagram to stay up to date with the upcoming events.
  • Public education and advocacy

As there is still little public knowledge and awareness about the aromantic and the asexual communities, spAce serves  a public education and advocacy role.

The main goals are to:

  • educate the public about the aromantic and asexual spectra
  • raise awareness about and actively fight aphobia
  • fight gatekeeping in the queer spaces
  • create more inclusive spaces, particularly within the queer community
  • empower members to be able to feel confindent in their identity and to be able to advocate for themselves
  • take away the burden of having to defend their identity from the aspec people by raising public awareness

Follow our Instagram for digital education and to stay up to date with the ongoing public events.