Our Activities!

RFSL Newcomers MalmöRFSL

To support all of our members and LGBTQI+ Newcomers in Malmö/Skåne, we arrange a variety of regular activities, from fun-social activities to public advocacy. Below you can find activities that we regularly offer.

Weekly Friday Cafe and Legal Consultation

We regularly arrange Newcomers Friday Cafe to provide a safe space for all of our members to gather and socialize. Furthermore, on this day we also provide legal consultation for all of our members who might need it. The meeting itself is conducted confidentially. If you are interested in legal support you are welcome to email us at newcomers@malmo.rfsl.se or Program Development Officer at mario@malmo.rfsl.se

When: every Friday, 15.00-19.00; Where: RFSL Malmö office. Please notice that legal support needs to be scheduled in advance via the email listed above.

Social Support

Even though we might not be able to provide financial, or professional health support, our Social Support Officer will be available to help you to navigate your new life in Sweden as a newcomer. Furthermore, through our network, we can also provide you information and refer you to a specific organization that you can approach to help your social and health needs.

When: every Monday, 15.00-18.00; Where: RFSL Malmö office. If you have any specific inquiries in regards to social support, you are welcome to contact our Social Support Officer at robin@malmo.rfsl.se 

Job and Career Support

As part of our effort to support the integration process with Swedish society and the Swedish labour market, we also offer support in creating a CV and motivation letter. Furthermore, our Integration officer will provide some insight into Swedish culture and Swedish society and how to navigate your new reality in Sweden.

When: every Monday, 15.00-18.00; Where: RFSL Malmö office. If you have any specific inquiries in regards to Job, Career and integration support, you are welcome to contact our Integration Officer at erik_s@malmo.rfsl.se

Språkcafe / Language Cafe

We arrange a regular language Cafe where the newcomers have a chance to practice their conversational Swedish with our Integration Officer and community that is created with our visitors that come from any origin of migration – asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants.

When: every Monday, 15.00 – 18.00; Where: RFSL Malmö office.  If you have any specific inquiries in regards to Språkcafe, you are welcome to contact our Integration Officer at erik_s@malmo.rfsl.se

Public Advocacy on LGBTQI+ Rights

In addition to most of our activities that are targeted towards LGBTQI+ refugees and asylum seekers, we also regularly conduct public advocacy on LGBTQI+ rights. In order to increase our public reach, we are aiming to have a wider collaboration with external organizations. Follow our  page and  account to keep updated on our upcoming public advocacy events, such as public seminars, public workshops, etc.

If you have any specific inquiries in regards to public advocacy or if you are interested in conducting joint activities in raising public awareness, you are welcome to contact our Education Officers at barbora@malmo.rfsl.se and christopher@malmo.rfsl.se

Peer-to-peer education for LGBTQI+ newcomers

We regularly conduct peer-to-peer education for our newcomer members who are new in Sweden, with the LGBTQI+ asylum seekers and refugees as our main target group. We have conducted various educations not only to support our newcomer members to navigate the Swedish society but to improve and/or develop competencies, skills and knowledge.

If you have any specific inquiries in regards to Peer-to-peer education for LGBTQI+ newcomers, you are welcome to contact our Education Officers.

Fun social activities and safe space for LGBTQ+ newcomers

Another important support that we offer to our LGBTQI+ newcomer members are various occasional social activities and safe space. Follow us on social media to get an update on our upcoming activities! Some of these activities include Board Games Night, Movie Night, Cultural and festive celebration of Eid, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine, etc.

If you have suggestions and ideas on organizing a thematic or specific social activity that embodies idea of a safe space for our members you are welcomed to email our Members Engagement officers at liliana@malmo.rfsl.se or adnan@malmo.rfsl.se

RFSL Newcomers Youth Malmö

We are aware that we also have younger LGBTQI+ members who have different social needs and would like to have a specific LGBTQI+ youth community. Due to this reason, we also have special activities that are targeted for LGBTQI+ newcomers youth (below 30 years old). Follow us on our social media to get an update on our upcoming activities starting from the end of September.

Several activities that we previously offered were:

It’s Gayme Time:

As younger members tend to be more internet savvy, we offer an opportunity to play virtual or internet games with other members. Some of the games that we have played such as Among Us, Risk, Scrabble etc.

Sport, culture and arts:

We also provide various activities in relation to sport, culture and arts for our youth members. Some of the activities that we offer such as museum exhibition visits, sport groups, and platforms to channel hobbies for the youth such as painting, singing, etc.

Youth-oriented education:

We are aware that LGBTQ+ youths have different needs than the older members, and therefore we offer various youth-oriented educations for our younger members, some of the topic of education that we offer such as: values workshops, leadership training, accessing education in Sweden, etc.