Our Newcomers Team

Our RFSL Newcomers Malmö Team consists of a diverse group of individuals from different cultural and professional backgrounds. Below you can see the team for the year 2023/2024.

Project Director: Barbora Majdisova barbora@malmo.rfsl.se

Barbora is a political scientist and activist, working in the areas of LGBTQ+ refugee rights, gender equality and work discrimination.

Social Support Officer: Robin Laurence (robin@malmo.rfsl.se)

Robin is the Social Support officer at RFSL Newcomers Malmö. He is currently completing his Masters in Counselling from Monash University, Melbourne and has a BA in Communications and Social Theory. At Newcomers, Robin is on hand Mondays and Fridays to provide social support for RFSL members. This includes providing mental health support, assistance with asylum applications and providing support for those struggling to settle into Swedish society.

Volunteer: Lisa Pedersen (lisa@malmo.rfsl.se)

Lisa is assisting members with CV writing, job applications and questions about Swedish society. She is available at the office on Mondays during the language café. Lisa has previously been active in other organisations with a focus on welcoming refugees. Lisa enjoys wandering in the forest and caring for and being involved in environmental and social issues.