Our Newcomers Team

Our RFSL Newcomers Malmö Team consists of a diverse group of individuals from different cultural and professional backgrounds. Below you can see the team for the year 2021/2022.

Project Director: Barbora Majdisova barbora@malmo.rfsl.se

Barbora Majdisova is an Educational Officer at RFSL Newcomers Malmö. Barbora is a political scientist and activist, working in the areas of LGBTQ+ refugee rights, gender equality, and ensuring decent work in safe environments. As an education officer, Barbora is responsible for research, public advocacy activities, and practical assistance to Newcomers. Alongside her fellow education officer, she aims to increase public awareness of the state of rights of LGBTQ+ individuals globally. Barbora focuses on running regular seminars and panel discussions on a diverse range of topics relating to the LGBTQI+ experience. Previous topics include the asylum process for queer applicants in the EU, common stereotypes of queer refugees held by western societies, hate speech, the importance of Pride festivals for queer communities in homophobic communities, effects of climate change on queer communities in Global South regions, and preventive seminars on the violent behaviour in queer relationships. Barbora is a fan of easy TV entertainment, mostly dating reality shows, and a lover of almost any type of soda.

Volunteers’ Coordinator: Anna Jastrzembska (anna@malmo.rfsl.se)

Anna is a Boardmember of RFSL Malmö and the Volunteers’ Coordinator for Newcomers. Besides Newcomers, she is the founder of spAce and co-organizer of Queer Feminist project. She has a BA in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies from Newcastle University and MA in European Studies from Lund University. Her Master thesis focused on giving voices to the queer people in Poland during the begining of the crackdown on queer rights in Poland in 2019.

Volunteer: Mario Ribaric (mario@malmo.rfsl.se)

A new addition to the team, Mario has been tasked with developing new project initiatives, increasing organizational reach, and diversification of funding opportunities. During his stay at RFSL Newcomers Malmö, he will be conducting a research project as part of the Human Rights Masters program at Lund University. In addition to his current education, Mario also holds a BA in Political Sciences from the University of Belgrade. His work experience includes work in the political arena, thinktanks, the Constituency office of Belgrade and civil society organizations focused on building democratic capacities in the post transitional environment. Additionally, Mario has worked in production, casting, and fashion and he served as the LGBTQ+ Initiatives Officer in Project Sex (P6). He enjoys painting, running, and debating the political and social landscape in Europe and reconciliation in former Yugoslavia.

Social Support Officer: Robin Laurence (robin@malmo.rfsl.se)

Robin is the Social Support officer at RFSL Newcomers Malmö. He is currently completing his Masters in Counselling from Monash University, Melbourne and has a BA in Communications and Social Theory. At Newcomers, Robin is on hand Mondays and Fridays to provide social support for RFSL members. This includes providing mental health support, assistance with asylum applications and providing support for those struggling to settle into Swedish society.

Education Officer: Christopher Cowan (christopher@malmo.rfsl.se)

Christopher Cowan is an Education Officer at RFSL Newcomers Malmö. He is currently studying the International Human Rights Law LLM at Lund University and has research interests in Queer Theory in the Law. He is involved with a program of education both for newly arrived LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and the general public. He was a speaker at Copenhagen World Pride 2021 presenting the topic of ‘Queer Environmentalism’ and a co-facilitator for a panel discussion on ‘Breaking the cultural stereotypes of LGBTQIA+ Asylum Seekers’.

Member Engagement Officer: Liliana Picchi Cappuccelli (liliana@malmo.rfsl.se)

Liliana is a Members Engagement Officer at RFSL Newcomers Malmö. Liliana is a queer Brazilian lawyer and an LL.M. candidate in International Human Rights Law at Lund University. Her hobbies include reading, cooking with friends, and exploring the world. She enjoys a multicultural environment and learning from different backgrounds. As a Member Engagement Officer, Liliana is responsible for organizing events and promoting safe spaces to LGBQT+ newcomers in the region, with the aim of creating and strengthening ties through fun and cultural activities.

Member Engagement Officer: Adnan Rifat (adnan@malmo.rfsl.se)

Adnan Asif Rifat is working as a Members Engagement Officer at RFSL Newcomers Malmö. Adnan came from Bangladesh to Sweden in 2019 and currently he is doing his Masters in Water Resources Engineering at Lund University. He is a feminist and queer activist. As a Member Engagement Officer for Newcomers, Adnan’s primary focus is creating events and social activities to include newcomers who need a supportive, friendly and open space to meet and socialize. Games nights, karaoke, bar nights, BBQs, dinners and movie nights are some of the events he organizes. If you have any suggestions for events or need any help feel free to contact either Adnan or Liliana.

Youth Engagement Officer: Lauren Ashmore (lauren@malmo.rfsl.se)

*On a temporary professional leave

Lauren hails from the west coast of Ireland but has been calling Malmö home for over a year now. As a Youth Engagement Officer, Lauren enjoyed organizing some cool events that encouraged members and the general public to engage with lgbtq+ topics and meet like-minded folk, all the while exploring this beautiful city. Beyond lgbtq+ advocacy, Lauren is a passionate language learner and loves testing out her new Swedish skills wherever she travels to in both in Skåne and beyond!

Position for the Youth Engagement Officer is open from September, feel free to reach out to newcomers@malmo.rfsl.se